DemoBeerGuelph Event

DemoBeer_smFor those of you who enjoy beer, do we have a mashup for you. Take some DemoCampGuelph, toss in a little OX Guelph and sprinkle in a master brewer from Great Lakes Brewery and what are you left with?

DemoBeerGuelph, that’s what!

For those coming to DemoCampGuelph, we have room for forty of you to come down to OX a bit early and hang out with a master brewer. $10 to demo some beer, charcuterie, and pizza but most importantly a chance to hear some war stories from a master brewer. Space is limited for this so buy your ticket asap!

It’s a 5:30 start wrapping up at 6:30 to allow you to walk up the stairs for the start of the main event.

DemoCampGuelph and Improvised Community Making

I reckon I’ve attended 17 out of 20 DemoCampGuelph nights. Why do I come? Community. I know, it can be a problematic term, but there is something to it that’s worth holding on to.

DemoCampGuelph is part of an important movement of improvised community-making, a new, responsive way of building networks of trust and respect, engaging in dialogue, negotiating differences, taking risks, celebrating successes and sharing responsibility.

DemoCampGuelph is a community that encourages communication through authentic storytelling, real stories of success and failure, of strengths and weaknesses, of hopes and fears. It’s a platform for learning, connecting, collaborating, and growing.

DemoCampGuelph is important and inspiring. A lot of good comes from it. I’ve never been on stage at DemoCampGuelph, but on Wednesday I will be. I’m not there to demo. I’m there to share a story, raise some awareness and (hopefully) some funds.

On Friday of Labour Day weekend, our 9-year-old daughter, Maeve was diagnosed with a brain tumour. We were rushed to MacMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton for surgery, returning home after 3 nights. Results of the pathology showed that the tumour was a benign astrocytoma. We’re happy to report that follow-up appointments and tests show no sign of re-growth and a full recovery. The care we received at MacMaster was incredible. The staff worked to ensure we were all very well taken care of and that we had all the information we needed.

There continues to be incredible advances in research around the causes and cures for brain tumours. Over time, this research has led to: improvements to technologies allowing doctors to view the brain, advances in surgical techniques, radiation practices and treatments; as well as improvements for paediatric patients.

On May 5, 2013, a team of friends and family members will be participating in the Spring Sprint at the Arboretum in Guelph, in support of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. Find out more, join the team, and donate at

See you on Wednesday.

DemoCampGuelph21 Next Week

We’re closing in on our next DemoCampGuelph on April 10th in downtown Guelph at The EBar. You still have time to submit for a demo spot but that time is slipping away so email me your demo pitch asap! As always, it’s free to attend, you don’t have to be technical or demo something to attend. If you’re interested in meeting people in our community working in and around technology then please come out! Please make sure to register to attend so we have room for everyone.

Spread the word on twitter for us!

For those who haven’t heard, we have Zak Homuth as our invited speaker. After running his latest startup through YCombinator, Zak’s back home in Toronto reinventing how you create hardware.

You’re never going to believe who I found hiding on the outskirts of the royal city? I’m very excited to have Drew McIvor playing tunes for us after we award The Crowie.