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DemoCampGuelph is a free open community event for technologies hosted by ThreeFortyNine in Guelph. It’s like open stage for techies.

Getting A Demo Spot

(Editor’s Note: Reposted from shiftMode¬†2010) We turned a particular corner with DemoCampGuelph events last year that personally makes my life a whole lot simpler, that being that we now consistently have more people applying to demo than we have spots. The plus for me is that I don’t spend the week of the event begging […]

Demo Tips

(Editor’s note: This is being reposted here from shiftMode) By the end of this week I’ll have organized and hosted 13 DemoCampGuelph events. Along the way I’ve seen some incredible demo’s. I’ve learned, I’ve been impressed but I’ve also been embarrassed and outright skeered. People often ask for tips and information related to demo’ing but […]

Silent No More

In the words of the great Kanye West, Simon “Imma let you finish” but I just want everyone to know that I had one of the best DemoCampGuelph (DCG) presentations of ALL TIME. Let’s be honest here, what I brought to the table that night was nothing short of spectacular, a masterpiece for the ages […]

Demo != DemoCampGuelph

A friend mentioned today that naming our upcoming DemoCampGuelph inspired event “DemoCampGuelph Old School” was confusing. Some people may think we’re stopping the existing DCG and replacing it with these events. To clarify, DCG proper is not changing. All we’re doing here at ThreeFortyNine is hosting a smaller, more intimate event inspired by the early […]

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